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[Adric is sitting in his new time jumper, which looks like a go cart and is in the TARDIS.]

Well, now it seems like I'll be able to travel on my own without the Barge or the TARDIS, so I'll be leaving. And I'd like to thank all the Doctors for making this for me. And Omega...I'm sure you'll be glad that I won't be in danger all the time, but it was nice knowing you. And Capa, I had fun talking maths with you. I'll miss you all!
...why are there flower petals on my floor?


[Adric is sitting there, soaked in water, looking panicked.] I think something's wrong with me. I'm...wet. Really, really wet. I think this stuff is coming out of me!
I'm back!

[Private to Kay]

I hope I wasn't gone too long Barge time, but I tried working on those figures you gave me. I'm sorry I took a while, but I kept trying to refigure things and refigure things, because I really wanted to save Gallifrey, and I even tried taking them back to the other Alzarians to see if anyone else could figure anything, but...

There just isn't anything. This timeline's unchangeable. Well, technically there was one other course of events possible, but that one also ends in Gallifrey destroyed along with everything else in the universe, so it wasn't an improvement.
I was thinking...since I did graduate Omega, so I would get what I asked for, I'd like to visit my brother for a while, so I'll be gone for a few weeks. I won't be gone long, and I'm definitely coming back, but I figure after all that I should at least see him.

[OOC: And Adric will be off Barge for the next few days.]

Private to T'Pol

...my teacher might be calling you.
Omega? Are you still here? My item isn't picking you up.

[Added later]

He graduated!
Um...has anyone else talked to the creepy terminator cyborg lady? Are we sure she's a warden?

...are we sure it isn't like that time when the younger version of the Master was a warden?


[Say hello to Ixlilton. He's altered Adric's clothes to look more appropriate for a god.]

I find these vessels acceptable, though his clothes looked quite ridiculous. I've improved them! Now, shall there be feasting and games? I think we should enjoy this place while we are here!


Count, I've been talking to the muppet with the big nose, and he said I should go to you to get a second opinion. Well, we both agreed that if the Admiral has twenty five chickens and gives five away, he'll have twenty chickens.

Well, since I went to find you, I've been thinking a bit more.

[He sings.]

If twelve eggs hatch he'll be up to thirty two,
And if he gets five more out of the blue
Why then he'll be up to thirty seven!
But if six should fly away to heaven
Then he'll be back down to thirty one.
If another then runs away to be a nun,
Then he'll be down to thirty.
That's a whole lot of little birdies!

Oh this math thing is very fun,
To count and count to a thousand and one!

[He interrupts himself.]

So...could you double check my math?